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Keane Live In Concert

Recent Entries

11/27/05 10:40 pm - flamingcarrots

By the way, I'm making all of you maintainers because I'm sick of this community and it wouldn't let me unfriend it unless I appointed a new maintainer. Or in this case, eight. Have fun!

7/27/05 08:55 pm - ada2126

Hello everyone, Im new to this site but ive been a fan of Keane for a long time. I had the opportunity of watching KEANE on early June in concert and it blew me away. Read more...Collapse )

6/15/05 03:10 pm - wildesparrow

Hi there, newbie. My name is Corinne and I live in GA. And I jsut saw them on Saturday at Music Midtown. Unfortunately I wasn't very close but could see them well enough. It was pouring rain and I was soaked and see through (white shirt and khaki pants) but had a great time seeing the boys.

6/7/05 05:24 pm - flamingcarrots - and i don't understand the same things as you

boston picturesCollapse )

6/5/05 12:43 am - eatmylipgloss

alright, well i saw them tonight in boston.
and i have to say that they were unbelieveable.
like totally amazing & i love them even more than i have ever.

hahahah. i'm so hyped from the concert, sorry i sound like an idiot

6/1/05 09:04 pm - curlyheadqt - Keane in Detroit

Here are some of the pictures I took at the concert. I was 5th row, dead center infront of Tom's mic! I used a disposable camera, so unfortuanatly the pictures look really far away where as, in reality you could see facial features and expressions. I tried my best to take some good shots, but you can't really do much with a disposable camera.

PicturesCollapse )

5/18/05 06:40 pm - ewanroxmysox

I guess I will be the first one to post pictures from a concert!


SLC Concert 5/12/05Collapse )

5/18/05 04:12 pm - tenderlie

WHOA! I'm like one of the first members. Lol. So I guess I don't really need to "introduce" myself formally. I have seen Keane in concert once, back in February. It was pretty much absolutely amazing. And! I'm going to this Sunday's show here in Cleveland. I'm really excited because up until yesterday I wasn't going because we have something else going on during the day and I have school the next day, but my Dad surprised me and now I'm going to get to go. So I would have ot say that was a pretty great surprise! Well, that's all. Oh btw, I'm Jeni :D

5/18/05 10:57 am - flamingcarrots - schedule for keane

Post Your Pictures or Stories

Wed, 05/18/05
07:30 PM
Eagles Club/The Rave/Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI

Thu, 05/19/05
06:30 PM
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL

Sun, 05/22/05
07:00 PM
Scene Pavilion
Cleveland, OH

Tue, 05/24/05
07:30 PM
Taft Theatre
Cincinnati, OH

Fri, 06/03/05
07:00 PM
Festival Pier
Philadelphia, PA

Sat, 06/04/05
07:30 PM
Bank of America Pavilion
Boston, MA

Tue, 06/07/05
07:30 PM
Radio City Music Hall
New York, NY

Thu, 06/09/05
08:00 PM
House of Blues Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach, SC

Sun, 06/12/05
07:30 PM
Saenger Theatre New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Tue, 06/14/05
08:00 PM
Hard Rock Live Orlando
Orlando, FL

Wed, 06/15/05
06:30 PM
Ft Lauderdale, FL

Fri, 06/17/05
07:30 PM
Verizon Wireless Theater
Houston, TX

Sat, 06/18/05
08:00 PM
Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie
Grand Prairie, TX

08:00 PM
Massey Hall
Toronto, ON
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